Psoriasis Support

Ingredients: Tu Fu Ling (Smooth Greenbrier Rhizome), Shan Dou Gen (Bushy  Sophora), Ban Lan Gen (Isatis Root), Wu Mei (Mume Fruit), Dan Shen (Salvia Root),  Bai Xian Pi (Dictamnus Root/Bark), Pu Gong Ying (Dandelion), Guan Zhong  (Cyrtomium), Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra Fruit), Shan Zha (Hawthorn Fruit), Zhen Zhu Mu  (Mother-of-Pearl), Jian Qu (Massa Medicata Fermentata), Ma Chi Xian (Purslane), Wei  Ling Xian (Clematis Root) 

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