Our Commitment to You

Quality Products, Integrative Approach

HerbalTCM is committed to providing practitioners easy access to high-quality and clinically effective products for their practice. We are in partnership with renowned herbal companies including TCMZone, RedPill, Ying Herbal-TCM dermatology topical line, as well as our own specialized formulas. We combine the knowledge of ancient wisdom used in classical formulas with modern innovations to create integrative solutions. We are committed to being the source of exceptional products for your practice. Please see our Product Line page and register as a practitioner for more information.

High-Quality Education

HerbalTCM recognizes the importance of high-quality continuing education that helps practitioners become exceptional healers. We believe in education that is rooted in the essence of TCM but also innovative so that practitioners can learn an integrative approach to patient care. Please see the list of events on our Continuing Education page. We hope to see you at a future event.

Support for Practitioners

For many years, our founder Dr. Yueying Li, has been advising many of her students and helping them to improve their clinical and herbal skills. After graduating, these practitioners need continued support to apply their theoretical knowledge into their clinical practice. HerbalTCM offers a program, TCM Mentor, where practitioners can receive support through professional consults with experienced and renowned doctors. Please visit our TCM Mentor page or contact us at contact@HerbalTCM.com for more information.